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Infuy’s Blockchain Lab makes up part of the growing ecosystem of innovative and ever-curious blockchain centered companies in South America. Based in a privileged area, both because of its location in relation to the North American time zones and its rich talent pool, our Blockchain Lab offers top-notch consulting services as well as project incubation opportunities. Industry leaders, blockchain freaks and tech geeks constitute a very heterogeneous team of experts.

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Here you will find posts related to the latest trends on cryptocurrency, mobile application and software development, case studies, interviews and news on the IT scene in Uruguay.

Blockchain Lab Work Methodology

How do we manage to juggle consulting services, incubating projects and developing our own innovative in-house projects? We approach work with an agile methodology called Scrum, about which you can read more ​About Us.

In a nutshell, agile work concentrates on achieving speed and efficiency relying on a fluid communication between the involved parties.

What do we do in our Blockchain Lab?


    Our blockchain developers are specialized in creating, constructing and implementing reliable and sustainable blockchain architecture. We’re crafting the future, one line of code at a time.


    Decentralized or Distributed Applications (Dapps) operate on a peer-to-peer network (P2P) rather than relying on a single host. By leveraging the advancements of distributed ledger technology, we are capable of delivering innovative solutions for your needs.


    We are equipped to assist you in the development of multi-signature or conventional cryptocurrency wallets to ensure a robust level of security for your business operations.


    Our blockchain developers have over two years of experience working with layer two protocols. They are able to implement new protocols, integrate some of these technologies to DAPPS created by a client, integrate many of these scalability solutions to a client's business and offer consultory services in the layer 2.


    Are you looking to implement smart contracts in your business? Automated, secure and speedy operations on the blockchain are within your reach. We can write the code of your smart contract to suit your specific needs.


    Our highly skilled and experienced blockchain development team has been working diligently in the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and accompanying marketplaces over the course of several years. During this time, they have honed their expertise in the development of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the needs of the evolving digital landscape. By leveraging the latest technologies and industry best practices, they strive to deliver innovative and secure NFTs and marketplaces that provide added value to clients and end-users alike.


    "Our Decentralized Finance solutions encompass the entire process of decentralized application development, including design, coding, integration, support, and evolution for a variety of DeFi products. Our objective is to provide clients with expeditious, reliable, secure, and cost-efficient blockchain-based financial transactions on a consistent basis.

Blockchain Software Development

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way in which companies conduct business. We are passionate about riding the wave of change and want to take your business along the ride. Our expert blockchain software developers have experience in designing and implementing smart contracts, developing blockchain architecture, distributed apps (dapps), layer two protocols and multiplatform wallets.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Most people believe blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. While this was, indeed, the original purpose of blockchain, this technology is capable of much more. Blockchain is the key behind a wide array of distributed ledger technologies which can be programmed to track or record anything of value, be it financial transactions, land titles or medical records.

In plain English

Let’s say Peter wants to buy a collective item from Mary. Mary is waiting to sell Peter the collective item at $20. Upon agreement, the transaction details will be recorded in a ledger.

This is exactly the principle behind Blockchain.

Did you know the first purchase using Bitcoin took place in May 2010? A man named Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin! In today's money, poor Laszlo spent around $95 million on those pizzas... they'd better been super tasty! That's beside the point, though. This transaction legitimized Bitcoin as a currency that could be used in the real world.

A blockchain is a record, or a ledger of digital events, one that’s “distributed” between different parties (shared among them). It can only be updated if consented by the majority of the participants in the system. This information cannot ever be erased. The blockchain contains a record of every single one of the transactions that have ever taken place. These transactions are completely verifiable.

The key value in blockchain lies in its nature, a decentralized system where its encryption cannot be altered. Once a digital identity has been created and successfully associated to an authentic identity, all their previous and future transactions can be traced back with 100% accuracy. Thereby, leading to full transparency.

Smart Contracts

Together with blockchain technology, smart contracts have gained relevance in several business practices. The reason lies in the fact that they can thoroughly change the way in which modern businesses make deals.

The traditional model of business relationships is a centralized one - a third party affirms the terms and conditions of a contract between the two parties making the business deal. Said third party might be a law enforcement company, a banking institution, a government establishment, or any other intermediary.

Blockchain technology allows users to build decentralized business models. Thus, transactions and agreements may also be decentralized. A smart contract is a digital contract represented by a computer program stored inside a blockchain. The software saves the specific rules for negotiating the terms of an agreement while automatically verifying its fulfillment and, then, executing the terms agreed upon. This means that the information is completely distributed and not under control of a particular intermediary.

Why are Smart Contracts trustworthy?

For the same reasons blockchain technology is transparent. As smart contracts are stored on a blockchain, they inherit some of its properties. They are immutable and, as discussed previously, distributed. In other words, once you create a smart contract, you can never change it again or tamper with its code.

What can Smart Contracts be applied to?

There are several uses for smart contracts: individuals can apply them to crowdfunding, banks can use them to issue loans or automatic payments, insurance companies can utilize them for process claims and postal service companies may apply them for payment on delivery services.

What Blockchains support Smart Contracts?

The main one is Ethereum, which was specifically created for this purpose. RootStock is another platform that supports smart contracts and is built on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Layer two protocols and applications

A layer two protocol or application is created on top of an already existing blockchain system. These protocols aim to solve the scaling difficulties and transaction speed issues that arise in the use of many cryptocurrency networks. For example, Ethereum, RSK and Bitcoin are still unable to process thousands of transactions per second (TPS). This issue is adverse to the long-term growth of these technologies.

At Infuy, our developers have been working with the top projects of layer two solutions: Bitcoin Lightning Network and Ethereum Raiden Network. We are also in charge of the development of the RIF Lumino, the RSK layer two scalability network and the integrations of that network with different dApps.

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