Facing technological challenges with innovative solutions.

We have the know-how, the drive and the ability ... bring us the challenges!

We are a ninja team of expert software developers and designers with a passion for crafting innovative and tailor-made solutions for all sorts of technological challenges. Our team has been catering to our client’s tech needs for over 10 years.

Highly skilled developers and talented designers compose an experienced team of professionals. Our work is characterized by its unparalleled quality, which we ensure by adhering strictly to international standards and the best practices of the industry. We offer support in a wide range of digital technologies such as VR, AR, MR, AI, ML, blockchain, mobile and full-stack web development and many others.

We have the know-how, the drive and the ability... bring us the challenges!

Management Team

Alejandro Narancio

Co Founder & CEO

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With a background in computer engineering, Alejandro Narancio has dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve. As the CEO of Infuy, he has been the driving force behind the company's impressive growth and reputation for excellence. His deep understanding of technology trends, coupled with a keen business sense, has allowed Infuy to stay ahead of the curve and consistently provide cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

Martin Liguori

Co Founder & Head of Growth

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Martin Liguori has dedicated his career to exploring the possibilities that technology presents. His leadership at Infuy has been instrumental in guiding the company through significant growth and development. Under Martin's watch, Infuy has become a recognized name in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for clients around the globe.

Mariana Rosendo

Head of People & Operation Officer

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Meet Mariana Rosendo, our dedicated People Head at Infuy. With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering a supportive work environment, Mariana plays an essential role in shaping our company culture. Her expertise in human resources management and her exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to build strong relationships with team members and ensure that Infuy remains an inspiring and inclusive place to work. As a cornerstone of our team, Mariana's unwavering commitment to employee well-being and development helps drive our company's success and growth.

Gustavo Quevedo

Head of Delivery

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Introducing Gustavo Quevedo, the dynamic Head of Delivery at Infuy. As a seasoned professional with extensive experience in project management and software development, Gustavo is an invaluable asset to our team. His exceptional leadership skills, technical expertise, and results-driven mindset enable him to oversee the successful delivery of projects while maintaining the highest quality standards. Gustavo's keen understanding of client needs and his ability to seamlessly align project objectives with company goals contribute significantly to Infuy's reputation for excellence.

Our Culture & Values



To be strategic partners to our clients, providing high-level personalized technological solutions, being loyal to our values.


To be referent company in Blockchain in Latin America, generating impact at a global level and developing innovative, disruptive and descentralized solutions.

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Every action has its consequence. Own up to your mistakes and share your victories with your team.

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How we work

Our ninja development teams are fast workers and masters of their craft. They approach software development with an agile methodology called Scrum.

How does Scrum work?

We take a step by step, sprint by sprint (each work cycle is called sprint), approach towards our client's final ambitions. A Scrum team has standup meetings, works transparently, feels a joint responsibility, is aware of the progress made every day and has results to celebrate after each sprint.

Scrum has
three roles


The product owner

The key stakeholder with a vision who provides direction to the team for each sprint.


Team members

Professionals in various disciplines who are jointly responsible for the results.


The Scrum master

A facilitator who focuses completely on the process.

There are Scrum lists

  • The product backlog in which you list your ambitions and express how you intend to achieve them
  • The sprint backlog: the shopping list of products you want to produce in the next sprint
  • The definition of done indicates precisely what needs to be done by the end of the sprint
  • The scrum board: this shows all of the team members' tasks, which will change from "to do", to "busy", to "done" during a sprint.
hirozontal rule

There are four meetings

  • The sprint planning meeting

    What exactly are we going to achieve during this sprint and who is doing what?

  • The standup

    Is everything going according to plan and are we gonna make it?

  • The review

    You deliver your results and receive feedback.

  • The retrospective

    You look back on the process and reflect on what you can improve as a team for the next sprint.


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Why Uruguay?

Hey, it rhymes! It was not on purpose, we swear :D Why should you choose Uruguay as your nearshore service provider? We are SO glad you asked, there’s a whole bunch of reasons why!

why uruguay

why uruguay points 0 Time zone​

We’re located in South America, which means we’re perfectly aligned with the USA's East Coast! What does this mean? A 1-4 hour difference. We won’t be working while you sleep, or vice-versa.

why uruguay points 1 Strong IT Industry​

Our tech start-ups and extremely talented developers, engineers and designers have been ​praised​ all over the world. We are the third software exporter per capita in the world, and the first in South America. We take our work seriously, and we’re seriously good at our work!

why uruguay points 2 Political Stability & Economic Incentives

Ours is one of the most stable economies in the region. We live in an idyllic place - free education in all levels, affordable health-care and well-distributed income levels are just some of the perks of being Uruguayan. Less worry means more time to focus on developing our skills and striving for high quality work.

why uruguay points 3 Language & Education

In numbers, over 75% of students pursuing IT-related degrees read English, and over 50% of them can speak English as well. A degree in computer engineering equals a Master’s Degree in the US in terms of quality and syllabus content. Moreover, we have a literacy rate of 98.5% - education has been free for almost 150 years! Yep, you read that right.

Are you still wondering UruWHY? Probably not! We bet you’re seriously considering dropping by for a visit. We’ll be ecstatic to receive you in our HQs!

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