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We plan, create and implement innovative and tailor-made tech solutions that make a statement and drive results.

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We are problem solving ninjas with deep pockets of expertise in the latest technologies. Thirst for innovation drives us to actively seek and take advantage of cutting-edge tech tools and resources.

Hire one of our ninja teams or become our technological partner! We solve complicated problems using cutting-edge technology - our intellect and skills are as razor-sharp as our katanas!


  • Blockchain development

    We have a team of ninja experts who develop, maintain and evaluate cryptocurrency and blockchain related web services. We can use our Super Master experience in blockchain development to validate your business ideas, create prototypes, and design a custom blockchain to fit your unique requirements.

  • Full-stack Web Development

    As the Web grows more and more complex, so do websites. Full-stack web development is gaining ground rapidly as businesses evolve in their needs and requirements to cater to a wide variety of technologies and customers. Our full-stack ninja web development team can tackle both client and server software with ease and offer custom, end-to-end solutions.

  • Mobile development

    Mobile technology has reached an all time high in a day and age when businesses and consumers are connected all the time. Our mobile application development ninjas have a deep understanding of the industry and are super ready to use their expert skills to expand the reach of your business and take it to the next level.

  • MVPs & Trials

    Your business idea can be on the road before you know it. Rather than creating a fully-featured product, an MVP build is designed with the aim of producing the absolute minimum viable product. We have a dedicated ninja team with the expertise and know-how to make your ideas a fully-functioning reality.

  • Team augmentation

    Teams of experienced, tech-savvy and super fast ninjas await patiently for the chance to use their talents for the benefit of your organization. Forget about conducting job searches, adding a whole department to your company and hiring permanent staff. Our ninjas come, see and conquer the task at hand, and then go on their merry way once the job is done.

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We manage software development work with an agile methodology called Scrum. Scrum is an approach for managing projects with more speed, flexibility and energy. We don't simply rely on plans, documentations and regular meetings, we work with our ninja teams in short cycles called sprints towards our end results, using the feedback provided by our clients along the way.

Instead of working on a project with a distant deadline, we constantly deliver functioning products. We don't use final evaluations, but we receive continuous feedback.

  • Our partners

  • RSK / IOVLabs

    RSK / IOVLabs

    IOVlabs builds low-cost, highly secure, easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy.

    Harnessing the benefits of Bitcoin with a suite of tools to create and protect growth, we’re planting the seeds for global financial freedom.

  • Zircontech


    Zircontech is a group of professionals passionate about technology. With over Twenty years of experience zircon has participated in diverse projects, always working with state-of-the-art technology.

    A trusted partner for the technologies driving the future. Zircontech help organizations to build their digital transformation.

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We are a friendly and talented team of ninjas who work in a relaxed environment and consider everyone as part of one big family. We’re also software consultants by day, but that’s just our gig.

We plan, create and implement innovative and tailor-made tech solutions that make a statement and drive results. Blockchain consulting, mobile application development, full-stack web development, cloud and cognitive computing and team augmentation are the core of our ninja skill set.

For over 10 years!

We are passionate about cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends and pioneers in blockchain in Uruguay. We love what we do and we’re awesome at it! Also, modesty is not our thing :)

Online, we can be anywhere at any time! We’re ninjas after all. Physically, we’re located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Just kidding. This is the one question we have no answer for :( sorry!


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