About the company

ApartmentRatings.com was founded in 2000 and is the largest online rating community for rental housing―reaching approximately 30% of apartment hunters nationwide. It is also among the Top 5 most-visited apartment hunting sites in the world. The site’s mission is to provide transparent information enabling renters and property managers to improve the evolving concept of "home.” This is accomplished by creating a platform to attract, understand, and retain renters based on leading edge technology, data, and education.

About the project

Infuy worked with ApartmentRatings.com to resolve growth issues and rebuild the back-end architecture of this enormously popular website/forum for renters across the United States. Because the site attracts approximately 17 million unique visitors per year according to Quantcast―with over 2.7 million posted reviews and counting―the architecture and technology required a serious uplift to accommodate the prodigiously growing traffic and content being added to the forum on a daily basis. The architectural work on the back-end also needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing front-end look and feel of the site.