One to One with Alejandro Narancio, CEO of Infuy

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He is 41 years old and was born in Montevideo. 10 years ago he co-founded Infuy, a software and consulting company, whose principle is “solving problems using technology”.

He is in charge of a software and consulting company whose main goal is to provide technological solutions according to each client.

This year, together with three partners, he created a Infuy spinoff, Zircontech, almost 100% oriented to blockchain and Smart Contracts, with whom he is developing an car insurance product.

Narancio is a systems engineer and entrepreneur, and his hobbies are art and carpentry.

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By infuy
Infuy is an international technology leader company specialized in outsourcing services in the latest technologies. Blockchain (smart contracts, dApps and NFT marketplaces), full-stack, mobile development, and team augmentation are some of the areas where Infuy specializes in. As a software development company based in Uruguay with offices in the US, Infuy is always looking for the next big challenge, and the next big partner. As a fast-growing company, Infuy is always looking for talented and proactive people, who live up to the challenge and are as passionate as their team is about their mission to provide the best solutions to their partners, with the latest technologies, to join the team. For more information about the company and its services, please visit