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A year ago, far from thinking that we would be where we are today in the ranking of the best companies to work for, we are proud of the goals and achievements obtained by this.

We push each other day by day to keep building ” what’s best for all”.

When we received the proposal from Great Place To Work we were very excited to be present, we discussed it with the internal team (People and Directors) and we agreed to move forward.

The survey was put together, it was communicated internally and we were proud from the beginning knowing that we had achieved 100% adherence to completing the survey. Anxious to receive a response, we finished with it after 15 days and we were very excited to receive a 92% satisfaction rate and even more so with 86% of people thinking that INFUY is an excellent place to work and develop themselves.

In the international month of GPTW and almost 1 year after starting this new certification path with everything that involved carrying out a climate survey…. Survey in a year of full pandemic, where many other companies they were accommodating and reinventing themselves. In 2021, we achieved a high percentage of satisfaction, which also made us enter the ranking of the best companies in Uruguay to work for.

We want to continue on this path of growth, on which the entire team is a fundamental part.

That is why we ask ourselves, what are the key qualities that make infuy an excellent place to work? How did we create this unique environment and why do we do it?

How and why?

At infuy we highly value human quality and it seems essential to us to respect the times of each one of our collaborators, to have a good disposition in the face of modifications and to listen to our entire work team to create a pleasant environment, where communication flows.

For this we have generated instances of formal and informal meetings with our collaborators, some examples: monthly one-on-one meetings (1:1), bi-weekly meetings all together by meet (ninja meet), remote and face-to-face integration days, performance evaluations and development meetings.

The People talent team plays a fundamental role in all of this, and works based on 4 premises: talent, development, benefits and ninja culture.


We generated an employer brand: Not only by participating in the GPTW ranking and being one of the 26 best companies to work for in Uruguay, but we work to be recognized internally for our values ​​on a human level as well as on a technical one; not only in Uruguay but in the world.

As for the talent acquisition process, we adapt to each position and technical request made to us, select talents outside the Uruguayan border and we make each process unique and as agile as possible. And as for the induction plan, we accompany the collaborator from day 0 in the company, providing technical and human support 24/7 and clear, precise and updated information.


When it comes to performance evaluations, we have this and a development process tailored to Infuy evaluating 5 factors that are very important to the company, such as good sense and initiative, cooperation, quality, responsibility and production. In these EDD, in addition to giving feedback and putting together an action plan, we listen to our talents to continue growing together in the human and technical aspects.

We also have their career plans in mind! We strive for each one of us to have a career here, so development and growth opportunities are always present.

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As for leadership, what we most want at infuy is for each person to feel empowered and to be able to work as a team and/or alone, so we help each one to take “control” of their position and be able to lead it in front of the best way possible and with the required commitment.


We have a salary policy where we ensure that we have a clear, fair and equitable salary for each one of our talents. For this we participate in salary meetings and policies provided by CUTI.
When it comes to benefit plans, we have a platform with exclusive discounts for the Infuy team in many stores around the country. Flexible hours and extra days off to enjoy family and free time are essential as well.

Infuy focus on training as well. We have free English classes by levels, technical platforms for technical development, internal “techmeets” provided by an internal team and development given exclusively by our CEO in the development of cutting-edge BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology.

We also personally advise our people on legal and labor issues when required and annually we update the labor regulations on contract issues, if any (we are part of the CUTI People team).

Ninja Culture

We have a referral plan to recommend people to work with us! and if they become a great fit for the team, they’ll get something as a prize for their great recommendation.
When it comes to events, the truth is that we like to celebrate basically anything: birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, weddings and for no reason as well! there are always excuses to celebrate and get together to enjoy some free time with each other! not everything is working in this life…

We have weekly camaraderie and teamwork meetings to generate synergies and strategies at all levels as well.

Values ​​that make a ninja culture the “INFUY FAMILY”:
“Responsibility, integrity and commitment
honest and transparent communication
creating a collaborative environment where we empower each of our talents”

To achieve all of this, the main strategy is to keep the team motivated, presenting new challenges and turning the team into the main source to face each new project.

We co-create results-based objectives (OKR’s) to help each one’s personal and professional development. We use metrics, where the general performance is evaluated, we generate monthly meetings and communications so that everyone is aware of what is going on.

How does the company involve the company’s talent in the development of new ideas?

When a new project arises, meetings are coordinated at the middle management level, where we brainstorm ideas. Tasks are separated in order to later assign project managers and empower each one of them.

The responsible collaborator will be the person who communicates to his or her team the work and how to carry it out. Once a month at the meetings, the approach to it is discussed in order to improve and iterate on the improvements.

The company took a bold act of leadership to improve the basic conditions necessary to create a better place to work, best for all.

Restructuring the company is not an easy act, creating new departments such as people, marketing, growth, implementing strategy, processes focused on the human level above all.

Managing to reinvent ourselves from virtuality without losing the essence of Infuy, was a great challenge! We keep on strengthening our employer brand in Uruguay and towards the world in a competitive field such as software and more specifically the Blockchain world, but there’s one thing I know for sure: with this team we can achieve anything!

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