Infuy as a speaker in DeveloperWeek (San Francisco, USA)

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On the first days of February the DeveloperWeek conference ( was held in San Francisco, about DeveloperWeek 2018 is the world’s largest developer expo and conference series with over 8,000 participants across the DeveloperWeek 2018 Conference & Expo, the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, Official Hiring Mixer, andcity-wide partner events.
This conference puts the spotlight on new dev technologies. Past event hosts and supporters of DeveloperWeek include Google, Oracle, Facebook, Yelp,  Rackspace, IBM, Cloudera, Red Hat, Optimizely, SendGrid, Blackberry, Microsoft, Neo Technology, Eventbrite, Klout,, Ripple, GNIP, Tagged,  HackReactor, and dozens more!
Alejandro Narancio (Founder and CEO of Infuy) was selected among hundreds of papers to talk about ‘Decentralized Applications with Ethereum’. Blockchain and Ethereum are trends these days. Without doubts Web 3.0 comes with the concept of dApps (Decentralized Applications). In this talk Alex spoke about the following topics:
– Blockchain: Basic concepts
– Ethereum: Basic concepts
– dApps: – what is a dApp?
– advantages – components and architecture
– Tools needed to create a dApp with Ethereum
In the auditorium there was almost 150 hunderds people from all the places. The people were very receptive to the talk, asking many questions.
This is the first time that a Uruguayan is a speaker in this Conference (a world class conference). Alejandro is working with Blockchain technologies since 2010 mostly, and his knowledge was well received by the organizers.
Infuy is a software factory boutique specialized in become technology partners of his clients to empower their businesses. About its present, Narancio has explained that they are working very hard in the US market, bringing solutions in blockchain mostly during the 2018. Infuy are almost accomplish the main goal which is: “to be a world-wide reference disruptive company” on giving outsource solutions in Blockchain technologies among other latest technologies such:
– Cognitive
– ReactJS, react Native
– Clojure.
– Cloud computing
– Cognitive computing
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By infuy
Infuy is an international technology leader company specialized in outsourcing services in the latest technologies. Blockchain (smart contracts, dApps and NFT marketplaces), full-stack, mobile development, and team augmentation are some of the areas where Infuy specializes in. As a software development company based in Uruguay with offices in the US, Infuy is always looking for the next big challenge, and the next big partner. As a fast-growing company, Infuy is always looking for talented and proactive people, who live up to the challenge and are as passionate as their team is about their mission to provide the best solutions to their partners, with the latest technologies, to join the team. For more information about the company and its services, please visit