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Join the blockchain revolution!
We have created this initiative for the development of pilot projects in blockchain to allow organizations and/or companies to join the disruption!

Requirements to apply:

  • The project must be limited in scope
  • You must test an innovative idea or concept on blockchain
  • It is essential that the use of blockchain is justified
  • It will be implemented using Rootstock (RSK) as a platform
  • The resulting code will be open source and will be made public on github under an Infuy and / or RSK repository
  • VERY IMPORTANT: projects focusing on social goods will have preferential treatment

What you will get:

  • A fully functional pilot or project (depending on the scope and sizet)
  • The possibility of testing your idea on the blockchain completely free

You can apply at http://blockchain.infuy.com/

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On the first days of Febrary the DeveloperWeek conference (http://www.developerweek.com) was held in San Francisco, about DeveloperWeek 2018 is the world’s largest developer expo and conference series with over 8,000 participants across the DeveloperWeek 2018 Conference & Expo, the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, Official Hiring Mixer, andcity-wide partner events.
This conference puts the spotlight on new dev technologies. Past event hosts and supporters of DeveloperWeek include Google, Oracle, Facebook, Yelp,  Rackspace, IBM, Cloudera, Red Hat, Optimizely, SendGrid, Blackberry, Microsoft, Neo Technology, Eventbrite, Klout, Built.io, Ripple, GNIP, Tagged,  HackReactor, and dozens more!
Alejandro Narancio (Founder and CEO of Infuy) was selected among hundreds of papers to talk about ‘Decentralized Applications with Ethereum’. Blockchain and Ethereum are trends these days. Without doubts Web 3.0 comes with the concept of dApps (Decentralized Applications). In this talk Alex spoke about the following topics:
– Blockchain: Basic concepts
– Ethereum: Basic concepts
– dApps: – what is a dApp?
– advantages – components and architecture
– Tools needed to create a dApp with Ethereum
In the auditorium there was almost 150 hunderds people from all the places. The people were very receptive to the talk, asking many questions.
This is the first time that a Uruguayan is a speaker in this Conference (a world class conference). Alejandro is working with Blockchain technologies since 2010 mostly, and his knowledge was well received by the organizers.
Infuy is a software factory boutique specialized in become technology partners of his clients to empower their businesses. About its present, Narancio has explained that they are working very hard in the US market, bringing solutions in blockchain mostly during the 2018. Infuy are almost accomplish the main goal which is: “to be a world-wide reference disruptive company” on giving outsource solutions in Blockchain technologies among other latest technologies such:
– Cognitive
– ReactJS, react Native
– Clojure.
– Cloud computing
– Cognitive computing
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 On July 14th we had our second meetup!


The agenda had two main topics

  • Practical uses from bitcoin, what is it? , use of exchanges, how to trade?, private and public keys and something of altcoins given by Fatima.
  • Real example of project based on Hyperledger fabric, Smart contracts, and real examples of source-code currently being developed at Zircontech, given by Ricardo.

Regarding the project that is being developed at Infuy.  If you want to know more about ZirconTech’s project, you can read one of his co-founders articles in  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zircon-tech-demo-usage-based-insurance-hyperledger-andres-zunino

We would like to give special thanks for the time to prepare the talks give by the speakers.

Again, the audience was very interested and asked a lot of new terminology and questions that brings up.

As we said in the previous posts, more meetups are planned, and will address topics like blockchain and the internet of things, Solidity (the most popular language for writing smart contracts in Ethereum), Hyperledger and blockchain based architectures.
After the meeting the crowd again enjoyed pizzas, crafted beers and cupcakes. Thanks to Infuy who sponsored the event.

Here you can find some links from the talks (this was the first time that we had done this so sorry if the audio or image does not accomplish the quality of the talks) 🙂

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Uruguay is creating capabilities and starting projects in Distributed Ledger Technologies.
Monday sunset witnessed a group of people meeting to talk about distributed ledger technologies in a rooftop very close to the Catholic University in Montevideo. In fact, Alejandro Narancio, a seasoned architect and software developer for more than 15 years, who runs a professional services company servicing customers in Latin America and United States, conducted this first meetup.
He has been involved with bitcoin and blockchain technologies since 2010, and currently is handling a project fully based in distributed ledger technologies using IBM Bluemix. Alejandro decided to start blockchain meetups in Montevideo and kicked off explaining to the audience what is bitcoin, how blockchain works, the importance of the smart contracts and some platforms like Ethereum. Deeper sessions are expected for future meetups to discuss multiple applications in different industries and addressing topics of interest of an unexpected numerous audience.
The meetup group was created by mid-December 2016 and got interest very quickly with many folks joining the group. Alejandro had to close the meetup invitations weeks in advance since the interest filled the rooftop capacity.
Alejandro proposed a very practical agenda, just to show the basics of these technologies and its origins. The audience in Uruguay could learn about bitcoin features and Satoshi Nakamoto, its main components, the problems that addresses, the process of sending a bitcoin, how mining works, cold storage, the underlying blockchain technology and its features, hashes, blocks and block chains. He also explained the concept of public and private blockchains and applications in the form of business use cases.The audience was very interested and was uncovered lot of interest of doing things in these technologies. That’s why the audience kept the attention to listen about smart contracts (something Nick Szabo started to talk about 20 years ago), what they are and some examples, and main platform products like Ethereum, Hyperledger IBM Bluemix and Argentinian RSK Rootstock Smart Contracts. The session finished with some details about Ethereum platform.

More meetups are planned, and will address topics like blockchain and the internet of things, Solidity (the most popular language for writing smart contracts in Ethereum), Hyperledger and blockchain based architectures.
After the meeting the crowd enjoyed pizzas, crafted beers and cupcakes. The attendees received a Paper Wallet Gift and a Cheat Sheet from the host InfUY who sponsored the event.

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