Techy for the Day 2022: why is it important to us? (and why it should be important to you)

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“Techy for the day” is an initiative to bring girls and women closer to the technology field. 

It is no secret that the technology industry in Uruguay needs more and more people trained in technology studies, being this a 0% unemployment sector in the country. Even still, the gap between men and women in this field is crazy big. This is why we want to help more girls and women understand that this is a path for them as much as it is for men.

Uruguayan Environment in Numbers

There are around 20.000 people working in this field in Uruguay, and when diving in all these people that work in it, we can see how the gender gap is tremendously huge. It’s well known (unfortunately) that women are underrepresented in the tech field, and although this has been changing in the last few years, there’s still a long (very long) way to go.

Clearly, tech is a male-dominated field. Providing some data, according to the organization Anita B, last year, women made up 26.7% of the tech workforce. Employers tend to hire women more frequently for intern and entry-level positions, which directly impacts their earnings. Women make up only 10-20% of the workforce in CEO and executive positions.

With such discouraging and low numbers, and having in mind how important it is to us as a technology company to promote an equal and equitative workplace environment: we want to do our part and help as many young girls as we can to see and realize that software development is in fact, a career path that it is absolutely possible, real and filled with benefits! They (we!) are as needed as men are. There are no reasons out there for that huge gap to continue to be as big as it is right now, not here, not anywhere.

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Even though it doesn’t seem like it, even the smallest actor can make a difference in a girl’s life.

Now, could you imagine if we all worked towards that same goal? We could have a HUGE impact, and at Infuy, that’s what we are after. We know that it will happen, but not overnight, and not by itself. 

Why “Techy for the Day”?

That’s the whole point of “Techy for the Day”, to show and encourage women to take a step forward in the tech and science fields. This should be something that we ought to remind everyone every single day, but it can get lost between so much noise and other subjects and topics. However, this doesn’t mean it’s less important than the rest of the matters that are being treated out there. 

Promoting gender equality, equitiy and the empowerment of women in the workplace, the industry, the community, in our daily life and in a competitive job market is a social and global issue that inspires and pushes us to take action and work towards a more inclusive and equal workplace. Even more so, like we already said, in male-dominated industries like technology and software.

Remaining in silence about this is simply something we can’t do. It goes against what we aim to represent and against what we believe in. That’s why we are so happy to be joining so many more companies in this awesome initiative by Cuti (Camara uruguaya de Tecnologias de la Informacion). It’s really exciting to be able to think about making an impact in a young girl’s life.

Thanks to our awesome team for making this possible and thank you to the uruguayan environment who believes so strongly in this project. We couldnt be any prouder!

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