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Infuy is looking for passionate PHP developers to join our team.
The candidate should be able to work on PHP projects all across the board, from setting up YII / Zend to deploying the app in a remote server. We’re looking for talented developers that do not fear the console and can understand what they are doing instead of re-implementing yet another ServiceFactoryImplSomething.

What we do

Infuy develops web & mobile applications in java, clojure, node, php and ruby for worldwide clients.

Who we are

We are a small company run 100% by technical people who loves to create, discover and experiment with new technologies.

What we offer

* Great and cooperative work environment. YWNWA 😉
* Work with people who love to share knowledge.
* Flexible time schedules.
* Technical presentations every week.

Must have

– PHP, Laravel, Zend, YII, Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
– JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX
– Basic Linux knowledge console commands

Other goodies

* Choose the tools you feel comfortable with (OS, Hardware, etc).
* Got free time and want to try your own ideas? you can do it.
* Do you want to attend to a local conference? we pay for the tickets.
* Are you presenting at an international conference? great! we pay for your travel.

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