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Assurance engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on ensuring the quality and reliability of complex and critical systems. The goal of assurance engineering is to provide evidence that a system will perform as intended and meet the required standards, specifications, and regulations.

Assurance engineering is typically performed during the development and testing phases of a project and includes a range of activities such as requirements analysis, design reviews, code inspections, testing, and verification. It also involves assessing the system’s ability to withstand potential threats and attacks, such as hacking or data breaches, and ensuring that the system complies with relevant standards and regulations.

Assurance engineering is particularly important in safety-critical systems, such as those used in aviation, healthcare, and defense, where failures can have severe consequences. By employing rigorous testing and verification processes, Assurance engineering helps to minimize the risk of system failures, ensuring that the system is safe, reliable, and secure.

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