Free blockchain MVP project for AGESIC using RSK

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Hello again! Some time ago we have mentioned that we created an initiative to develop a functional blockchain pilot at no cost! Yes no cost ! you are reading fine!
The requirements that needs to apply were:
– The project must have a limited scope
– You must try an idea or innovative concept about blockchain
– It is essential that the use of blockchain is justified
– It will be implemented using Rootstock (RSK) as a platform
– The resulting code will be open source and will remain public on github under a repository of Infuy and / or RSK
VERY IMPORTANT: Those projects that aim for a social good will have preference
In this post we would like to share which was the project we have built – and the reason why we choose it -. After receiving almost 20 different proposals (thank you very much for the enthusiasm and the shared ideas!).
We have decided to carry out the pilot for the notarization and tokenization of medical prescriptions and dispensations for AGESIC.
We will assume you know about the basics of blockchain but in case you do not we will introduce the basics. (Skip if you already know it 😆 )

So what exactly is blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology that underpins Bitcoin (Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency but we will not talk about that right now). The tech allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. That means each individual piece of data can only have one owner.You may hear it described as a “digital ledger” stored in a distributed network or some other cool definitions, but that’s the one that was better for us! Having made that distinction, let’s now focus on how we have built this MVP product with RSK blockchain.

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Why It’s called blockchain?

A block is record of a new transactions. When a block is completed, it is being added to the chain. Bitcoin owners have the private password to an address on the chain, which is where their ownership is recorded. Cryptocurrency proponents like the distributed storage without a middle man — you do not need a bank to verify the transfer of money or take a cut of the transaction, so that’s why is so cool 🤣

Let’s talk about the project!

As we have said before we want to create a prototype based on blockchain that allows a notarization and tokenization of a medical prescription and dispensations.
But we will not talk about this project in this post because we will include all the code (github references, smart contracts and more details of how we have implemented the architecture), so stay tunned!


Our company always wants to innovate, we have been working with the latest technologies since they have been released. At this point of time, we just wanted to retributed and try to make the things better, this MVP will try to improve the medical system, so that’s why we have chosen it. Sorry about the almost 19 projects not selected, all of them were great ideas and all should be implemented!.
See you next year !! 🤓🤗

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