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At Infuy we have been always looking for ways to improve the development skills and reduce the amount of errors. We have developed several applications for our clients and we come up re-doing several stuff over and over again, multiple times.In traditional application development, designers create original UIs and delivered a Photoshop file, (is the design tool of choice for many user interface UI-designers) and tell us what they would like the mobile app looks like. This can lead to the developer to spent a big amount of hours to create the skin of the application for all the size devices.
So we have thought that need to make something to improves this workflow and the best approach was to create a tool (KataPSD) that allows you to work most efficiently and effectively, and when it comes to creating stunning graphics and interfaces.

As we said, over the past year at Infuy we had this issue with mobile projects development. The big problem was time and effort spent on reading a photoshop file and creating all the components involved, so we need to reduce the hours and errors from our developers!
That was the background and as result we have come up with KataPSD.
For now we have released a closed Beta in order to control what projects and also give more feedback to the developers. But feel free to ask for a token to enter to the application. I will explain how this works briefly.

This is the login page from our application.

If you have the credentials settled up once you gain access you will see the following homepage.

In this page you will find a test application that we have made. You can have as many projects as you wish in this homepage. You can create more with the link on the upper right side of your screen. Once you click on a project you are going to be redirected to the following page.

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In the first screen you can set the splash screen, icon and navbar images. Also you can start uploading the PSD in order to start working with all the layers in the PSD file, this layers are being handled as ‘screens’ and you can work at the same time with multiple PSD files at the same time to use in one project.
We will be uploading a video with some demo explanation of how KataPSD works.
In some point you can see a preview of all the components that are being rendered. One of the best functionalities that KataPSD has is the availability to download all the assets of the PSD within seconds, so supposed that you do not want yet to create the project.. so you can meanwhile download all the images from the PSD to start manipulating it.

This is the page that we are talking about. With the Full project function, you will be allow to download a complete XCode project with all the functionality working, you just need to start coding.
But feel free to checkout our site and start working on this! If you have some questions or doubts we will glad to help you with this. We are finishing the Android generating so stayed tunned for news.
Please check out the video

KataPSD team.

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