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Blockchain’s disruption for businesses, industries, and public organizations is around the corner. We can help you choose which of your processes are suitable for this technology, and carry out your project from design to implementation.

We've built several applications from Ethereum to Hyperledger Fabric. Would you like to create an ICO? We can help you define and validate it, as we have done it for customers around the world.

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Cloud computing

You’re probably using cloud computing right now, even if you don’t realize it. If you use an online service to send email, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games, or store pictures and other files, it’s likely that cloud computing is making it all possible behind the scenes.

Most clouds computing services fall into three broad categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (Saas). We can handle all these types withing AWS and IBM cloud networks.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works.

We have built several chatbots, text sentiment analysis and speech recognition pieces of code that works like charm.

We like to solve problems using the latest technologies




Cars make the world around! With a huge and ever increasing auto industry, we work on websites with millions of unique visits per month, providing to the auto industry with crucial data and real time solutions. From reviews sites to auto-blogs, from side-by-side comparisons to purchase guides. These sites help millions of people to connect faster and efficiently and gather the information they seek from dealers to community advise.

Also, we've created a wide range of auto-oriented apps, either by helping them deal with issues while driving, to getting car services or just tracking their position using geolocation and helping unlock the potential of their smartphones.


With websites ranked in the top 100th worldwide, we have a thorough experience providing maintenance and developing new features, making sites scale and perform better, improving the quality of the code and migrating legacy systems.

We handle confidential information on PCI complaint environments, handling leads for the real-estate business; providing accurate and precise information to future home owners, landlords, potential buyers and more.

We have become experts in user experience, providing on-the-road information with mobile and tablet compatible web-apps that help users reach the information they need in a concise and fast manner.


Live more, but more importantly live better! For over five years we have helped countless people seeking for advice and information on the health’s vertical. From sites where professionals can list their skills or be reviewed to wellness resources to forums for people to meet and exchange information or opinions on common subjects of interest.

We have a devote team that takes pride in handling the most sensitive information and the most private of issues so people can find the resources they need. Be it a second opinion, a specialist, professional or just to relate with people alike.


Supporting the entertainment industry, we have experience that ranges from big theatres to the smallest of screens. With several entertainment companies in our portfolio, including one of the biggest cinemas in the country, with multiple locations a dozens of screens, we have tackled from point-of-sale solutions to mobile apps.

We have researched and developed new technologies, making seamless integration between hardware and software, from touch screens to ticket printers, to real-time digital ticket scanners, helping the entertainment industry provide a more enjoyable experience.

We built, deployed and maintained mobile applications that links thousands of movie goers with the movies, stand-up shows or plays they love every month.