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About the project

This project was a total software update of vBulletin’s proprietary forum. It required building a new software platform entirely from scratch as well as updating the code from structural to object-oriented programming. His new version of vBulletin also enhanced the product's visual design and usability to improve upon performance and user experience. There were many challenges on this project including a short time frame to complete critical tasks, limited resources, and significant reverse engineering requirements.

How we worked with the client

For this project, we used the Scrum framework to approach development in an agile and incremental manner. This required daily Scrum meetings, planning meetings for one-week or two-week sprints, other meetings with domain experts in marketing, billing, front-end developers, training, sales, support, and product integrity. Additionally, we delivered demos on every sprint for a specific finished user story―a set of tasks defined for specific functionality. Infuy was also an active participant in spearheading much of the problem solving for this project.

The Solution

Working with vBulletin’s team we were able to provide a complete update and overhaul to their popular forum and community software. During this project we learned that the “solution” to successfully creating a new version of any large product like vBulletin is to work well as part of a team. There was significant work in the pre-launch phase as well as many ongoing improvements to make the software function even better than it already had. The emphasis is both on implementation and adaptation. When working with a platform as popular and widely known as vBulletin, problems will always present themselves. However, the solution to making it great is to thoroughly understand the working environment and completely adapt to it.

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