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About the company

IOVlabs builds low-cost, highly secure, easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy. Harnessing the benefits of Bitcoin with a suite of tools to create and protect growth, we’re planting the seeds for global financial freedom.

About the project

With blockchain we want to create a new financial system, to support the use cases of the traditional financial system the following are required:

  • Number of transactions per second
  • Cost of transactions
  • Confirmation rates
Blockchain does not scale as a technology to support the above attributes. That is why second or third layer solutions must be created, such as offchain payment solutions.

How we worked with the client

Using an agile approach, we executed sprints that were two weeks in length to quickly demonstrate our abilities and receive prompt feedback for iterative development.

The Solution

Offchain payment solution. We have developed an off-chain payment system that supports thousands of transactions per second, without fees and with confirmation times in the order of milliseconds.

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