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About the company

DATIVA, based in Latin America, regularly impacts the digital revolution by developing tailor-made solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the intelligent management of assets using technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These solutions have a wide range of practical applications for linking the world to the Internet through “connected cars” and “smart luminaries.”

About the project

DATIVA wanted to develop a practical, real-time car monitoring service that could provide critical data about all the vehicles connected to the system through the Internet. It was to be specifically designed for companies that wanted to gain better control over their fleets through a web-enabled application.

How we worked with the client

We partnered with DATIVA to develop an application making it possible to obtain information directly from a vehicle’s onboard computer that could then be sent via the Internet to designated computer centers for viewing and analysis in real-time. Specifically, through a web interface or mobile app, it allows users to view in real-time the internal data of the vehicle―speed, RPM, battery charge, temperature―as well as location tracking with alerts related to permissible driving zones, speed, and detection of unsafe driving patterns. This solution is now under serious consideration for use by one of the largest telephone utilities in Uruguay.

The Solution

We created the back-end application programming interface (API) as well as the front-end interface using Laravel and VueJS which allows users to see vehicle information in real-time. Data is gathered from information that devices send to a socket server. Once we have parsed all the binary information, the application displays and analyzes all the vehicle information, driving habits, and behaviors along with other custom data required by clients using this advanced technology.

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