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Car Insurance App Built with Blockchain Technology to Provide a Fully Transparent Experience for Consumers

About the project

We assisted a foreign trade company that needed to track changes in its documentation over time to ensure that it would be tamper-proof with no possibility of information being modified in an unauthorized manner.

How we worked with the client

Using an agile approach, we executed sprints that were two weeks in length to quickly demonstrate our abilities and receive prompt feedback for iterative development.

The Solution

We securely identified documents for this client using a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) with a fixed-size 256-bit hash (SHA-256). SHA-256 is one of a number of cryptographic hash functions that operate like a signature for a data set―almost like the “fingerprints” of data. Even if only one symbol is changed, the algorithm will produce a different hash value that will provide an alert that data contained within a document has changed―making this technology suitable for monitoring the integrity of critical documentation over time. As part of this solution, the hashes used a document ID in conjunction with Ethereum blockchain. Each change in the document is registered using the corresponding ID and hash update. For this project, a smart contract was also developed using Solidity and an application programming interface (API) using Node JS.

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