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About the company

DIDI, the first self-sovereign digital identity project in Argentina, seeks to promote financial inclusion through blockchain technology. It is a project that arose from the collaboration between the NGO Bitcoin Argentina and the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Labs), together with Accenture Argentina, RSK, NEC, Blockchain Federal Argentina, Atix Labs, Wicklow Capital and Programa Semillas.

About the project

Savings system for people who do not have access to the traditional financial system. It allows you to manage the turns of payments and collections, and generate a credit history so that they can operate in the financial system.

How we worked with the client

Using an agile approach, we executed sprints that were two weeks in length to quickly demonstrate our abilities, win some confidence from the client and receive prompt feedback for iterative development.

The Solution

Mobile application that helps the people who do not have access to financial system.

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