About the company

HealthBoards is a long-running virtual community health website. It consists of over 280 Internet message boards for patient-to-patient health support. HealthBoards was one of the first stand-alone health community websites. Prior to this, health communities had generally been part of large web portals (i.e. WebMD, Yahoo, iVillage, etc.). Members on HealthBoards post messages to share information and support on a wide range of pressing health issues such as cancer, back pain, autism, and women's health to name just a few. As of 2013 the site had over one million registered members, five million posted messages, and over ten million monthly visitors.

About the project

Infuy provided ongoing support to HealthBoards to promote the growth of the platform and to ensure that the existing technology for both the back-end and front-end would satisfy all business requirements and goals.

How we worked with the client

Using agile methodologies, Infuy worked with HealthBoards to apply changes, fix bugs related to content issues, and added desired features to give end users more functionality and information. To accomplish this, we worked with JIRA’s project management tools to track every sprint and provide demonstrations for each piece of workable functionality added to the website.

The Solution

Infuy worked on an array of ongoing improvements to resolve issues for the both the back-end and front-end of the website. Content, functionality, and incremental improvements to the platform were the key elements that drove our extended partnership with HealthBoards.

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