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About the company

eHealth Forum aka is an online health community with over 4.8 million visitors per month. The website hosts over 200 medical forums with user-based health information that is interactive. The site is a professionally moderated social network where every post is reviewed by administrative staff.

About the project

Infuy provided ongoing website optimization for eHealth Forum to enhance user experience. Optimization of the website typically included managing server configuration as well as resolving database and caching issues to ensure optimal performance.

How we worked with the client

For project management we used Jira to track every single task undertaken to further optimize eHealth Forum’s site. Each task has a status: open, in-progress, or completed. Additionally, we held regular meetings via Skype or Google Hangouts with the client. Accurate and details specs were absolutely necessary to keep the workflow efficient and organized. These details frequently included screenshots of work in-progress to provide a visual enhancement to our communication efforts.

The Solution

Infuy’s work for eHealth Forum’s website has been ongoing and involved much coding during its growth over the past decade. During this time, we created a customized database and administrative back-end as well as adjusted the look and feel to meet the client’s business requirements. Because of our knowledge and long-term involvement with optimizing and improving the website, we were able to provide solutions with both efficiency and speed to make the website experience better with each change or iteration.

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