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About the company

DAFI is focused on providing innovative solutions to companies in the travel and insurance industries. It is designed to simplify the process of purchasing and claiming flight insurance, while offering new investment opportunities to users. In addition, DAFI is aimed at insurance companies looking to modernize their processes and offer more efficient solutions to their customers with a fully decentralized option that eliminates the need for intermediaries through the use of smart contracts. The company's goal is to revolutionize the way flight insurance is managed and offer a unique and innovative solution in this market.

About the project

DAFI is a revolutionary platform in the world of flight insurance that offers the possibility to purchase insurance with tokens and claim refunds in case of delays or cancellations. In addition, DAFI offers users the opportunity to generate profits from their investment in the platform, allowing them to actively participate in the success of insured flights. All this without the need for intermediaries and with the guarantee of security and transparency provided by blockchain technology.

How we worked with the client

We had a first meeting where the client could present us the idea and the product it wanted to achieve. Using SCRUM as an agile methodology we were able to plan an MVP which the client confirmed. We estimated and by srpints of two weeks each one we were presenting advances to the client in which the client could make modifications and we were presenting improvements. From the fourth sprint, we generated a staging environment where the client could test the product without being finalized.

The Solution

As a first and most important point, we have been able to eliminate the need for intermediaries in flight insurance claims, making the process faster and simpler. Through the use of smart contracts deployed in the blockchain, users will be able to review and audit them, being totally transparent in terms of our scope, providing security for the immutability of the contract.

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