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About the company

The "Compañía Uruguaya de Transportes Colectivos S.A." (CUTCSA) is the largest transportation company in Uruguay and the largest private operator in South America, in terms of number of collective transportation units. Provides urban transport service in Montevideo since 1937.

About the project

The main public transport company in Uruguay needed Android/IOS apps, to let the users know their buses fleet real-time position. Infuy created those applications on time, and proposed a lot of ideas to the client to improve and give them the best user experience ever. The stack used was: Android and Objective-C.

How we worked with the client

They reach us with an idea to have apps in both plataforms, to provide to the main public transportation in Montevideo clients, a way to know where do their buses are located in real time. Besides that, also provide some info about bus lines, stops, main places, schedules, etc. We present a road map with the timelines about our deliveries, and worked with together with the client, providing feedback, and requesting new stuff.

The Solution

We upload to the main stores for Android and IOS, an application that shows in real time, the buses positions and the time left to arrive to the bus stop the user is located.

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