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About the company

Car Insurance App Built with Blockchain Technology to Provide a Fully Transparent Experience for Consumers.

About the project

Infuy developed an end-to-end solution for providing transparent car insurance online using blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology for issuing car insurance has attracted consumers due to the high level of distrust that currently exists in the industry.

How we worked with the client

Basically, this project was envisioned as a fully transparent solution for purchasing automobile insurance and filing claims to address existing conflicts of interests in the industry. These conflicts―directly tied to the profits of the companies―frequently result in consumer claims being significantly underpaid (or possibly denied) as well as rampant overcharging of insurance policy premiums. For this project, Infuy used blockchain technology to specifically provide consumers with full transparency inside the scoring calculation that defines the value of the policy. We use an Agile methodology during all the process.

The Solution

The solution was implemented using Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 as a Blockchain platform. We developed chain codes for information tracking. These chain codes were specifically used to track vehicle information and save it in the blockchain along with the scoring calculation that is based on information received from vehicles. As part of the project, Infuy also developed two APIs, three SPAs, and one mobile application. The stack used for the APIs was Java, Spring (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data Cache, Spring Job), MySQL, and Maven. The SPAs were developed in ClojureScript, Reframe, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. The Mobile App for Android was developed with Java.

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