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About the company

Bitfresh is the first community-driven iGaming platform where everyone wins.

About the project

Bitfresh is aimed to be a bridge for users to be able to exchange wax tokens back and forward from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance (BSC) blockchains. On ETH andBSC they can exchange the blockchain currency, but also fungible tokens corresponding to each blockchain. Tokens corresponding to each of the above mentioned blockchains currencies/tokens have been created on WAX blockchain and a 1:1 correspondence is provided when exchanging.

How we worked with the client

We worked effectively through several agile approaches including the use ofJira for project management, in order to track every task that needed to be completed, and Google Meets. Product was delivered based on sprints of two weeks that were subject to iteration, feedback and continuous improvements

The Solution

A back-end was built with NestJS in order to interact with all of the above mentioned blockchains and expose all the necessary API endpoints to achieve the exchange between WAX and the blockchains in matter. Moreover, a tokenization of each of blockchains currencies/tokens was carried out on WAX blockchain so as to provide and a 1:1 correspondence on every exchange done. On BTC and ETH/BSC to WAX flows, Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (HD Wallets) were used for addresses generation. Every address provided to users is derived from one extended public key, one for each blockchain, making it safe towards possible attacks. Smart Contracts were used to handle all transferences needed on WAX to ETH/BSC exchanges and a local bitcoin-core node was used for BTC flows as it was safer than using a public one.

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