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About the company

AudioStack, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing AI audio production, offers a scalable, fully automated infrastructure for brands and audio agencies. By seamlessly integrating breakthrough technologies such as text-to-speech and AI-based post-production, it enables the creation of audio assets in real time. This innovation unlocks new, faster and more cost-effective use cases, setting a new industry standard.

About the project

Infuy has collaborated with AudioStack to improve the frontend design of their platform, elevating the user experience in AI audio production. We focused on redesigning components, creating new pages and implementing intuitive features. With the revamped interface, users will have a seamless experience when creating audio assets, navigating enhanced workflows, and exploring real-time production capabilities. The redesigned interface aims to make AudioStack even more user-friendly and visually appealing, ensuring a state-of-the-art and efficient audio production experience.

How we worked with the client

Our collaboration was marked by the seamless application of agile methodologies, specifically utilizing sprint-based development. Employing tools like Asana for project management, Github for version control, Contenful for content management, and Figma for design, we ensured a streamlined and efficient workflow. Communication was facilitated through Slack for team interactions and Google Meet for virtual meetings, fostering a transparent and collaborative development process. Workable packages were delivered in alignment with sprint cycles, allowing for iterative enhancements and continuous improvements to meet AudioStack's evolving frontend redesign goals.

The Solution

For the frontend, was utilized Next.js with Chakra UI. Next.js, a React framework, laid the groundwork for robust web applications, while Chakra UI ensured a visually cohesive and efficient user interface. This approach results in an enhanced, scalable, and modernized user experience for AudioStack.

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