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About the company

The Agency for Electronic Government and Information and Knowledge Society (Agesic) is an executing unit with technical autonomy dependent on the Presidency of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Agesic's general objectives are to seek the improvement of services to citizens using the possibilities offered by ICT, as well as to promote the development of the Information and Knowledge Society in Uruguay with emphasis on the inclusion of the digital practice of its inhabitants and strengthening the skills of society in the use of technologies.

About the project

Project focused on the traceability of medical prescriptions and dispensations using blockchain.

How we worked with the client

Using an agile approach, we executed sprints that were two weeks in length to quickly demonstrate our abilities and receive prompt feedback for iterative development.

The Solution

A tokenization of medical prescriptions was carried out in order to make a complete traceability of them. The users are:

  • Doctors: only actor in the system with permissions to create the token corresponding to a prescription
  • Pharmacies: Actor in charge of dispensing prescriptions
  • Health System User: Owner of the prescription, has a wallet-type app to allow manage all your recipes
  • Backoffice Administrator

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