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From the past years we have been working with Bitcoins, Blockchains and WordPress, so we have come up with an idea of creating a widget plugin for WordPress in order to allow the people of donating Altcoins without problems.
This is a simple plugin and does not do all the process of the real wallets. With that said this will allow to publish your Wallet address (on a QR) in order that can be scanned and can donate how many Altcoins do you like.
You can visit the plugin here and post reviews or comments.

Bitcoin Donator Button Widget

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As mentioned in Wikipedia “Internationalization and localization are means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market (locale)(1).
In the context of Angular 2 applications, a popular tool for translation is ng2-translate (https://github.com/ocombe/ng2-translate).
While pretty effective in translation of texts we detect a possibility of improvement in localization aspects. Particularly there was no clear solution on how to efficiently manage text for different locales in the same language. You were forced either to copy all your translations in all the language files but adjusting the differences, or develop a solution like this plugin.
That was the inspiration for the plugin, while very simple it adds a bit of help at localizing applications, you just need to store the differences in the localization files and the default version will be extracted from the main language file.
You can see more details at https://www.npmjs.com/package/ng2-translate-localize but as a summary, the plugin adds the possibility of manage different files for each particular locale (es.json, es-UY.json, es-AR.json, …) and helps on the resolution of the translations against those files.

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At Infuy we are working in some internal products, one of them is this which is just launched (free version). With this version you are going to be able to generate a unsigned APK with a lot of functionalities. We are working on finishing the premium which will have several features such us, sending push notifications, Ads (Admob and DFP), availability to select some plugins from WordPress already being used and sign your APK.
But let me tell you a little more about this version 🙂 This will work for every WordPress blogger which want to have an Android application without any IT knowledge! You just need to install the plugin and you will have an unsigned APK that can be uploaded to the stores.
In this plugin you will be able to:

  • Change the colors of the layouts.
  • Add a splash screen
  • Add some banners
  • Customize the menus
  • See information of WooCommerce plugin
  • Bbpress, BuddyPress and AnsPress plugins

And you will have all your information in an android app within minutes. We will email you the APK package and if you want it you can contact us and we will the store work for you.
We will be launching the premium plugin later which will have a lot of features but first we would like to see how this behaves in the actual WordPress versions alive in the web. The plugins which will be available in the premium version are: BBpress, Buddypress, WooCommerce and Anspress.
So please stay tunned 😉
Checkout our site and you can download from Google Play the demo.
Visit our demo in the playstore (premium not released): WpToAndroid App Demo
This is our site: WpToAndroid Site
This is the plugin wordpress page! check it out! Link to demo