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About the company

NFTY Labs is committed to the construction of tools aimed at fostering growth within token ecosystems as well as to facilitating the establishment of cross-chain NFT standards and practices

About the project

A crypto lending platform in which lenders define which NFTs collections will borrowers be able to leave as collaterals.

How we worked with the client

We used an agile approach and executed sprints of two weeks in order to be able to demonstrate our abilities, show progress to the client,receive feedback from it and use it as an input for the iterative development.

The Solution

Infuy worked in the development of the back-end and smart contracts required for the creation of a crypto lending platform. In this platform, each user who wished to become a lender would define which NFTs would accept as collaterals, minimum and maximum amounts that could be asked for, and would set interest rates based on different loan terms. lenders could also choose to be “hidden” from borrowers and could define whether they would accept loans automatically or manually (in case lenders wanted to evaluate each case separately). Even though Infuy did not build design frontend from scratch, it was responsible for implementing it, integrating it with the back-end and it also played a significant role in proposing and implementing design changes, improving the user experience, and introducing new functionalities.

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