About the company

iMatrix of San Diego, California is an online marketing healthcare partner that has 18+ years of digital marketing experience working with chiropractors, eye doctors, and veterinarians to professionally promote their practices. iMatrix develops professional websites for healthcare providers that generate and optimize patient conversions as well as providing content tailored to the specific services provided by healthcare practitioners for search engine optimization (SEO) results.

About the project

Infuy worked with iMatrix ―an umbrella site with many subdomains related to healthcare marketing and solutions―to further develop, build-out, and enhance their presence on the Internet using several different technologies.

How we worked with the client

To effectively manage our projects with iMatrix, we relied heavily on Jira to track project tasks from beginning to end. Skype and Google Hangouts were also used regularly to maintain stellar client communication throughout each project timeline.

The Solution

Infuy relied on the WordPress (WP) platform to build-out multiple websites for iMatrix that allows users to access and easily change content on-the-fly for all its domains without coding. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database. WordPress features include a plugin architecture and a template system that makes adding or changing content extremely easy, accessible, and flexible for operators of content-driven websites like iMatrix. Infuy also developed several custom WordPress plugins to allow for increased functionality on client websites that were not readily available in the commercial off-the-shelf plugin market.

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