PHP can be tricky; an inexperienced developer can break good practices very easy, making the final project highly unmaintainable. At Infuy we focus on quality and good practices to make your projects follow the standards and patterns that most fits your requirements.
Do you have an existing project that need to maintain or update some features? We can get your project and drive it to the next big success.

Your site needs a refactoring or a full redesign? We have experience software architectures and designers that can transform your old system in a new one that can support all your needs and will be easier to maintain.

Do you have a new project requirement? We love to start projects from scratch, just send us your requirements and we will give you a detailed quote with alternatives to make your ideas a success!



We love Java, our team has more than 10 years of real experience working and multiple certifications on Java.

Challenges are our passion; we maintain sites with requirements of high availability and scalability. What we offer in the Java world?

  • No matter the size of your project we can handle!
  • High scalability and availability: we maintain sites with requirements of more than 10 millions unique visits per month. The are lot of challenges to keep this huge sites up and running, but as we said… we love challenges!
  • Full stack: we have experience in all the Java stack, mastering the top frameworks and libraries; some examples: Spring, Hibernate, Solr/Lucene, JSF, JSP, MAVEN, between others.


Clojure is a highly expresive language that enables us to produce elegant solutions without boilerplate code. Being hosted on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it is portable and runs in a reliable and efficient environment. Another significant feature is that it interoperates seamlessly with Java code, which enables the reuse of the wide range of existing Java libraries known by the large base of developers. Clojure embraces functional programming, a paradigm that has regained attention due to the facilities it provides to produce expressive code that can be thoroughly tested. It also introduces new constructs such as persistent inmutable structures that result in simpler solutions for the complex problem of concurrency and parallelization of execution



We love mobile development!

Do you have an application idea? Just contact us and we will make your dream happen!

We have proven experience in the following areas:

  • iOS native development
  • Android native development
  • Phonegap
  • Appcelerator

You don’t care or don't know about which framework is better to your needs? Don’t worry just send us your requirements and we will tell you which one most fits your needs.



Why Uruguay is great for outsource your work?

  • High-level university education which encourages future professionals to work in the IT and/or e-Marketing areas.
  • Lower rates and Competitive costs.
  • Uruguay is in a time zone that is closer to the USA and Europe.
  • Good laws for software industry
  • Uruguay is one of the main exporters of technology in South America.

What we offer?

  • You just need to add more resources to your actual team? We offer staff augmentation services.
  • You need a fixed price for a particular project? Send us your requirements and we will send you a detailed proposal.
  • You need to improve some particular skills on your organization? Contact us for our consultancy services.

Our experience:
We have a huge experience in outsourcing, we are managing offshore outsourcing since our inception. With clients on USA, Europe and all over Latin America we are confident that we can help you with your projects.